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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a CPA?

We currently do not have a CPA on staff, but we provide many similar services and consult a third party CPA as necessary

Which accounting softwares do you work with?

For the most part, we use the many variations of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, including online (all instances), as well as desktop pro, premier, contractor, etc. We are also very familiar with Rent Manager which specifically suited to property management. If you have a program that already suits your business, we can learn any accounting software.

What kinds of businesses do you service?

We service a wide variety of companies, including everything from property management and real estate services to landscaping and manufacturing. We know each business type will have a learning curve, but it’s a challenge we’ve faced before and come out the other side successful and efficient

Do you do year end personal or small business tax filings?

Starting in January of 2021, we will be accepting a limited number of federal tax filings for small businesses and individuals. We also do 1099, 1096, W2, and W3 filings for a flat rate based on the number of employees you have.

Do you help new businesses start up?

Yes we do! It’s one of our specialties. If you’re interested in getting some help, check out our Schedule a Consultation page and we can start up a conversation about how to move you forward.

Do you work onsite or just online?

It entirely depends on your needs and where you’re located. For some clients who are in the process of moving to a paperless system, or at the  very least one that uses less paper, in person is the only solution. We try to set up remote access and processes as much as possible for the convenience of all involved. We’re equipped to remote into your computer securely to take care of your needs if you’re using a desktop based accounting software, but we also have a running list of programs that will help you operate from wherever you are.

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