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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services are designed to keep you up to date, assist with planning, and hopefully provide clear growth strategies. If nothing else, we provide excellent service so you can free up time to work on what you love, instead of having to spend all your time tracking your finances. 

Monthly Accounts Reconciliation

Monthly closure of the books after confirming the records are accurate. This helps insure that your records are absolutely accurate each month.

Data Entry & Accounts Maintenance

Consistent entry and categorization of new transactions throughout the month, so that you have a constantly accurate Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

Accounts Receivable Management

Managing receipt of payment and billing communication with clients. Including but not limited to check deposits and credit card processing with your program of choice, sending of statements, follow up phone calls, etc.

Accounts Payable Management

We help you find the best system for bill payment and make sure all of your bills are paid on time and accurately in the least amount of time possible.


We help set up your employees with a time tracking system of your choice, or start on the program you’re already using. We find the best possible solution for company’s payroll or run with the one you use. In any case, we get your payroll in on time and accurately so you have happy employees.

Monthly & Quarterly Taxes

Submission of monthly State and Local Excise tax and Business and Occupation Tax. If you have employees on staff, we’ll also handle the submission of quarterly taxes including, but not limited to, Labor and Industries, tax form 941, all associated Employment Security Department Dues, and Washington Paid Family Medical Leave.

Year End Accountant Prep

Preparation of your books for year end tax filing and coordination with your accountant to make any final adjustments prior to filing taxes. Also including submissions of tax forms 1099, 1096, W2, W3, and 940.

Initial Setup of Your Accounting System

We’ll organize your chart of accounts, integrate any outside administrative software, set up time tracking and payroll systems, find and implement a credit card processing system of your choice, and any other administrative processes you’re interested in setting up.


Administrative Consulting

A comprehensive review of all of your internal systems to looks for ways to better administratively improve your company and cut down on time and cost. Including overview of finance,employment placement and functionality, management systems, A/R and A/P systems review, and cash-flow analysis.

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