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Britsch Consulting LLC was founded by our CEO, Mason, working as a freelance bookkeeper in 2018. From the beginning, we have serviced all kinds of industries with unique needs and learning curves. Our clients range from landscaping services to international clothing manufacturing. Because of the steep learning curve and our clientele’s diversity, we confidently approach any industry that comes our way.  Our goal as a company is to help create more companies. In other words, we want to be the small business support that helps create a secure foundation for the future of new companies. Our belief is that an external bookkeeper is only beneficial until the company is large enough for an internal accounting department or an administrator. It’s our goal to help companies grow to the point where they don’t need us, and then help them make that transition with ease and security. We believe in entrepreneurs; we hope you’ll trust us to help you pursue your dream.

About Britsch Consultion


We promise to provide business owners a professional and efficient experience with each engagement to help them achieve their goals.


Our mission is to assist businesses by creating excellent internal core processes in finance, administration, and personal engagement.


Our vision is to be the leading company in integrated business accounting solutions in the United States.

Why Britsch Consulting

At Britsch Consulting, we stand by four principles that we believe make our service stand out above the rest and make the world around us a little bit better every day. Excellence, Kindness, Optimism, and Consistency are the principles we incorporate in every task, from monthly reconciliations to vibrant social media creation. We pride ourselves on being the solution to some of your most stressful responsibilities as a business owner and doing them to the same standard of excellence you would have for your own product or service. We exist to make you successful.






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